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Just sittin in a jail cell, how bout you?

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Holy Land Tour Day 9


Just sittin in a jail cell

BBB time again and it will be short, because we have to be up and out very early tomorrow. It is currently 10pm which is 2pm San Antonio time. Today was a great day! We had lots to see, but not AS much walking so my blisters, pinky and pincher, were happy about that. We traveled a lot of ground visiting several sites, but had to take the bus because of the distance. Fitbit readings for today were: Stairs – 24, miles – 4.2, and steps – 10,000. This is give or take as there were places that we couple look around on our own. But, man were my feet happy about today, they may decide to stay with me after all. We are currently staying in Nazareth in an old Monastery and will leave tomorrow to the our next hotel. The food and staff here are VERY nice and although its extrememly old, most of us think its best to pass on fancy rooms to get the views and location as we have here. We love the St Gabriel’s vibe.


Fun facts for today…


If you remember, last night we stayed in Jericho and Ruth and I had some “adventures’ with the elevators. Well, after a long night’s sleep on some bricks, we got up and pressed forward for the day. When we came to our hotel for the night, we found out we were in room 218. First hotel, 318. Second hotel, 518, and now our third hotel is 218. I hope that doesn’t jinx it, but I hope tomorrow is something 18. Sooooo, we get here, get our key, and take off to the elevators. We find the elevators and realize they are elevators built for 2 people. VERY small. So the 2 of us get in, press floor 2 and get out to search for 218. We see, 201 and head down the row passing 203, 205, 208, 210 and then the hall ends. Where is 218? We look at each other then Ruth says, maybe we have another tower or something. And I said maybe there are half floors. So I sent her up one flight of stairs and I went up the other…nope. Up the stairs was the 3rdfloor. So back down we go and back in the 2 person elevator for the 1stfloor. We are now DYING at the fact that the 2 of us have TERRIBLE luck in elevators. The doors open in the lobby and everyone is staring as to why we are coming back down and why we are laughing so hard. We tell them that we couldn’t find 218…they then told us that our elevators were on the other side of the lobby. Wooooops, my bad! I’m telling you we need to be on a TV show. #RuthGoesRogue #AdventuresWithSarah


We were having dinner tonight with Ben and his dad, David aka Papa T, when social media was brought up. We were discussing Facebook and Twitter when Papa T said “ I don’t have Facebook anymore. I had Twitter, but I have lost my tweet.” Then he said he was “tweet-less”. I almost spit out my drink. Ohhhhh mercy! We laughed and laughed and laughed. I laughed so hard it was silent….you know that was a hard laugh for me to be silent. Papa T is a very funny guy and we all just love him! #PapaWasArollingStone #PapaT4theWin


Now for the good stuff…

We started today at Caesarea and wow just wow. Harod T Great,  you remember him from yesterdays post, really liked himself and made that known when he built his palaces. He built the theater to act like propaganda for the Romans. Becca read us Acts 10 and we were able to see what scripture says about the exact land we were standing on. We also were able to sing the doxology in the theater and it blew me away. We took a a group picture from there, and I have included that in the blog. Caesarea was the place the Gentiles first received the Holy Spirit and the place Paul was jailed before being sent to Rome where he later died. Becca read us scripture then at the end said to us… “ok, so where are you sitting in Herod’s palace right now? You are sitting in what is known as the prison cells, which is where Paull would have been held. So, you are sitting in the jail cell that was most likely sat in by Paul.” HOLY HUMUS!! We are sitting in that very spot. We all were taken aback and very moved as the land came alive again!


We then moved on to have lunch at an actual restaurant, which was fantastic! Such a great surprise!! Then we traveled on to Mt Carmel where we were able to hear the scriptures read and see the land that corresponds with these stories. The sky was pretty hazy so we were unable to see everything Becca had wanted us to see. This monastery is gorgeous! We left Mt Carmel and headed towards Megiddo, a kibbutz in norther Israel . We had to hurry to get there by 3:30 in order for us to get in and guess what??? We got there at 3:32 and they still kept it open for us!! This was another amazingly beautiful site where Becca shared with us some opinion, not political, about what she thought happened base on her knowledge and study. Lots of pictures on FB.


Please accept my apologies as I know this is short, but I need to get some sleep so I don’t pull the team down tomorrow. I promise I’ll be back in full force tomorrow night after our planned boat trip in the Sea of Galilee. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out more about this lodging place and pictures of our visited sites.


Sarah Morris

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PS – Melatonin is amazing!!










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