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Different is Okay

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University Family,

I started a new position here at the church this Spring. The exact timing of the change is a little fuzzy, mainly because it happened right at the beginning of a global pandemic coming to town. In addition to growing the work I was doing in Young Adult Ministry, I am now working on College and Campus Ministry.

In a recent quarterly meeting to go over church-wide schedules and programming I kept hearing variations of the same words…“It will still happen, but it will look very different." 

Many of the plans I have been thinking about since God first started moving me towards this new position are changing. Plans for new ways to gather have been put on hold while restrictions and comfort levels shift back towards normal. Our 20/30s group will resume gathering but now will be meeting outside with masks and physical spacing. Campus ministry evolves as colleges navigate limiting on-campus activities and promote virtual learning and student life. We are exploring how to use our facility to support college students by providing a safe space for both studying and community.

Yes, so much of life is looking differently from what we had planned, expected and even hoped for. We could all make our own lists of what has changed personally. And this adapting of plans is taking place in each and every area of this church. However, I am encouraged and thankful that the thing that God calls us to – building community, creating belonging, speaking the truth and this church family ultimately working towards God getting His way in this time and in this place – that is still happening. 

It will look different, but it is still happening. And I am thankful to be in it with you all.

In Christ,
Sarah Reiter


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