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Dear Church, 

It has always been a running joke around our campus that it is notoriously hard to find where you need to be. Well, we have some very exciting things happening around our campus in the coming weeks. We are in the process of updating some of our exterior and interior signs!

If you haven’t noticed, over the past few weeks we’ve been adding TVs in various places around the building. The TVs located at our main entrances will be digital maps that will help guide those that walk into our building to where they need to be. Each map will have a list of daily events across the campus and their room number. Our hope is that each person that enters our building will be able to find where their event is happening and hopefully get there without too much frustration.

In addition, we are in the approval process to revamp the grey exterior signs in our parking lots. They will be repainted, updated and moved to better direct visitors to the correct entrance. There will also be new ADA compliant handicap signs and a designated limited mobility parking area on the south campus to better help those for whom moving is a challenge. 

This is just the beginning of our plan for signage around our campus! As we continue to live into the mission of building bridges to Christ, community & compassion, one small way we’re trying to ensure that happens inside our walls is to provide tools to help people find where they need to be and make it easier for them to get there. Thank you for being a community committed to helping people find their way!


Alyssa Carroll


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