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What role does your faith play in aging? Does your faith in Christ impact how you approach death and dying? 

I’ve been thinking a good bit about that lately. Maybe that is because Blaine and I are walking alongside our own aging parents right now. Maybe that is because I have some fear about what that season will be like in my own life and how my children will walk with me and their father. Maybe it has something to do with the sacred experiences I have shared walking with folks like you all over the last 16 years of my ministry.

Aging isn’t easy for any of us. Acknowledging and embracing our mortality is counter cultural in a world that does all it can to defy the aging process and ignore the reality that we are indeed all mortal. The truth is, none of us gets out of this life alive. And so, it seems vitally important to spend time thinking about the final season of life and how to face it faithfully.

I’d like to invite you to take part in our upcoming Ashes to Ashes class. I’m collaborating with Dr. David Katerndahl to teach this important class which will address practical issues such as legal and medical considerations for the end of life. We will also spend time looking at the theological ways to look at death, dying, funerals and caring for those we leave behind.

I know this isn’t a topic that most of us want to think about. However, as in all things, Christ is with us and will guide us if we make space and time to invite him to lead us. Perhaps this is a holy way for you to approach the Lenten season this year. 

Please let me know if you have questions or would like to attend the class. For more information on class dates and times, click here.


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