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In Case You Haven't Heard...

Posted by Rev. Laurinda Kwiatkowski on

Dear Friends,

Just in case you haven’t heard: our youngest child, our daughter, Anna Elizabeth got engaged this past Wednesday. She is marrying a Naval Officer, and life is about to be seriously different for our little close-knit crew.

They came and spent the day with us today and we sat outside in the backyard and reminisced about all the people who have had a major impact on who they are today. So many of the people were the same for both of them since Anna and Alex have known each other since 2nd and 3rd grade.

Recently, Anna received a card (because she is graduating from Texas State tomorrow) from a woman named Mary Margaret Smith. Her husband, Lawrence, was a United Methodist Pastor and served in retirement at A&M UMC. When Anna read what sweet Mary Margaret wrote to her, there wasn’t a dry eye around our fire pit. As a child and teenager, Anna had to spend far too much time in hospitals and at home sick. Lawrence and Mary Margaret were always there for her and for our family. They loved that girl with a love so pure and so evident that even sitting all these miles away from Mary Margaret, even with Lawrence now in heaven, we could feel the love that had been so abundantly shared.

I came inside after everyone left to write this blog. I thought about all that is happening for us and for so many families this weekend with all the graduations, and I reflected on all the families that will come together to celebrate Mother’s Day. My heart was overflowing as I thought about all the women in my life and in the lives of all four of my children who loved us with an abundant love.

What a precious and priceless gift to us from Jesus. Women who love us as their own. Women who pray for us with a faith as strong as steel. Women who love us for the whole of our lives. And women who love us enough to share with us the love of Jesus.

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, join us at University as we celebrate the presence of Jesus in our lives and in all circumstances and as we thank him for the many women who love us with the love of a mother and with the love of Jesus.


Pastor Laurinda


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