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Letter From Pastor Ben – Recent United Methodist News

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You may have seen the United Methodist Church in the news on Friday. Reports were picked up in the media that the UMC has agreed to split the church after decades of debate and disagreement over our understandings of human sexuality, gender identity and ministry with, to and for people who identify as LBGTQ+. What actually occurred was a group of denominational leaders, representing a range of perspectives and geographic regions agree to propose a plan of separation to the General Conference of the church which will occur in May of this year in Minneapolis. While this may turn out to be the plan that gains traction and shapes the nature of the connection, at this point, it is simply a proposal.

When, and if, proposals become a path that must be navigated by University we will remain open and honest about who we are and how we go forward in faith. Regardless of denominational actions or plans - we know that Jesus is Lord, that scripture is trustworthy, and that every human being in whom a heart beats the image of God has been stamped.

There may indeed be challenging moments ahead, but God is up to much good in our midst and we have been entrusted with too many blessings for us to be defined by fear, anxiety or worry. The mission and ministry of University is fixed by the calling, generosity and purposes of God. We believe we are sent by God to this community as agents of heavens invasion of earth. We will continue to worship God and call others to join us. We will remain witnesses to the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all people. We will stay committed to feeding, forming and blessing children in our community. We will keep declaring the love of God for all people. We will study scripture, grow in prayer, serve and love our neighbors and neighborhood.

We will not stop leaning together against the darkness because we have seen and know a light that the darkness will not overcome.

I am filled with gratitude to God for the amazing blessing of being a pastor at University in this moment. It has been a tremendous gift in my life to share these past few years with you and I am even more excited about God’s future that is before us. Feel free to email Ruth Towers at and set up a time to talk with me if you wish to discuss this or any other issue.

Pastor Ben


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