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Preparing For All Who Enter

Posted by Laura Ames on

How I missed my little friends in the day school over the summer months. The 2nd floor was quiet without our Achievers group. Bible studies, family dinners, and seminars all came to an end.

Then we began cleaning house.

When programming was quiet, the church facilities crew spent their summer months getting ready for new guests and a new season. They freshened up the building, cleaned the clutter, and prepared for all who enter the doors. If you haven’t noticed the freshness of the hallways, the shiny floors, new paint, cleaned tile, some new decorating, hanging of photos, carpets cleaned, gym floors buffed, dumpsters full of the old, offices moved around and furniture replaced, take a look around the facility.

Our facility is home for many. Our own members and guests included. As we were preparing for a new season over the summer months, we were still busy welcoming various organizations as they came through our doors. We welcomed guests from Methodist Children’s Home, Methodist Hospital, RiverCity Kids, Kinetic Kids, visiting youth groups, Clark High School, choirs, orchestra performances, college sendoffs, basketball teams, exercise groups, visiting missionaries, girls scouts, boy scouts, Rio Texas Conference, health care groups...I could keep going. We were ready for them with all in place, hospitality, facilities, and a helpful hand.

If you see any of our facilities crew during the week or over the weekend, please thank them for serving this wonderful place that has offered opportunities for many to gather, share an experience, and grow in their faith.

To Rafael, Jesse, Ray, Danny, Ramiro, Michael, Dan, Yvonne, and Rosa – you are all a gift to everyone who walks through these doors. All of you serve with a tender, devoted spirit as you serve God’s home and the family of University. Thank you.


Laura Ames 


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