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Stories From The Wilderness

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What stories will we tell the generations to come about the wilderness of COVID-19?

No doubt many of our stories will be heartbreaking. But, there will also be stories about families having dance parties in the kitchen, building tent forts in the living room and dancing at virtual proms in the dining room. There will be stories of communities cheering on first responders and neighbors taking care of each other. There will be all kinds of stories of ingenuity born out of the desperation of this wilderness.  

We will have stories of how the Risen Christ was with us in the wilderness of COVID-19!

But...we aren’t out of the wilderness yet. We are still wandering THROUGH it. And the truth is, we may be here awhile. It seems to me, that like the Israelites in their wilderness wanderings, some of us might need some manna right about now.  

Pastor Reed and I want to invite you to share some manna with us. Starting this Sunday, April 26, at 5pm, we will be hosting “Stories From The Wilderness.”  Each Sunday, from 5-6pm, we will interview someone from our University family who has a wilderness story to tell - a story about how they lived through a hard time and came out with a story to tell. We will hear how people wandered through personal wildernesses of doubt and struggle, fear and uncertainty, disease and discomfort without losing faith or hope.

Our prayer is that “Stories From The Wilderness” will be manna - something to give you courage, strength and hope to keep on going. 

I hope you will join us!

In closing, let me point you to a few helpful links:

  • To join us for Stories from the Wilderness each Sunday at 5pm, click here. 
  • To hear my thoughts about the importance of wilderness stories, click here.
  • To be in prayer for our University family who are impacted by COVID-19, click here.

God is with us in the wilderness friends!

God bless you all,

Pastor Holly


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