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Where Are You Looking?

Posted by Rev. Laurinda Kwiatkowski on

Hi Friends,
I enjoy the anticipation of “looking forward”: looking forward to seeing our kids when they come to visit; looking forward to being in worship on Sundays; looking forward to working with Lo Alaman, who spoke to the students for the first time last night. Looking forward is a good thing and so often an exciting thing.
I am looking forward to Saturday when Robert and I will hop on a plane and
begin our trip to Italy. I am looking forward to being in Rome and walking in some of the same places the apostle Paul walked, remembering the
biblical accounts of his powerful ministry in those regions. I am looking
forward to seeing The Last Supper in Milan and the times we will spend
along the coasts of Amalfi.
I am looking forward to returning home to San Antonio and sharing (in
Italian, of course) some of our experiences from the beautiful places of Italy.
University is a place of so many “looking forward to” opportunities. Certainly, we live in those moments we have looked forward to and at the
same time, we set our eyes on all that God has in store and in mind for
us in the future.
What are you looking forward to? Worshiping together on Sundays? Providing care, comfort, support for our brothers and sisters who need us?
Seeing and being a part of God’s magnificent plan for University in this
My TimeHop brought up a memory from last year. It was a quote from Dr.
Paul Parks. On the day before he went to see the Lord he loved and served, these were his words; “Let’s go have some fun.”
With so much to look forward to in life and in ministry, “Let’s go have some
Pastor Laurinda

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