2018 Holy Land Updates

On the 7th Day...We Rest

Posted by Sarah Morris on

2018 Holy Land Day 6 (10/14), 9:30pm Jerusalem time, which is 1:30pm San Antonio time. 

Sorry friends, but no blog for today as I am going to observe the sabbath. We had some much needed rest this morning then class this afternoon. Several people went to the Temple Mount and the Villa Dolorosa this morning while others (me included) caught up on some much needed rest. Mid morning we all met for worship and communion at the Knights Palace Hotel, and it was amazing. We sang, we shared where we have seen Jesus, some of us (you know it was me) shared tears, and we all shared in the Lord's Supper. It was glorious!

Tomorrow night I will pick back up on the blog and will hopefully, finally, have a FULL TEAM PHOTO!! 

Have a good night, and enjoy your sabbath!

Sarah Morris


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