A Music & Drama Camp Story

07.14.19 | Worship | by Eleanore Cole

    With over 100 kids and 80 volunteer staff members, “Land of the Lost & Found” was the biggest Music Camp ever held at University. Camp Director, Joseph Herron, said that one of the greatest parts of having so many campers is that it brought children who don’t usually come to church: “I asked the group how many of them go to church regularly, and maybe half of them raised their hands. It was cool to see so many kids worshipping and singing God’s songs who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.” One of the camp’s Star Group Leaders, Terri Marshall-Schrader, remarked that one of her glory sightings was asking the kids in her group what their favorite part of camp was, and an eight-year old boy responded, “We get to sing songs about God for people who don’t know about God.” Music Camp brought kids closer to each other and closer to God through the art of performance and song. It also created a closer church community with intergenerational connections between the kids and the volunteer staff.

    Jeff Kemp, one of the directors of drama, said that his favorite part about Music Camp was its ability to create bonds between the kids who attended and the adult volunteers. “One of the biggest blessings has been being able to form relationships with the kids and to come together to worship the Lord in community." He said that having these connections creates a safe space where kids who may be a little shy or who have special accommodations can come out of their shell and feel welcomed by God and by the church. It also allows for the kids to grow in their faith and find their calling in the church. Joseph Herron said he enjoyed seeing the kids take on the opportunity to worship in more grown up ways through avenues such as singing in the choir and learning to play the hand bells. Being able to share the message of God’s love with kids, while simultaneously creating relationships and a fantastic musical, make for an incredible week of summer!

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