Testimonies From People Who Have Benefited From Stephen Ministry Care

05.05.19 | Serving | by Holly Wilson

    Stephen Ministry is an effective yet underutilized ministry at University.  This ministry is an effective arm of pastoral care ministry whereby trained lay people offer pastoral care to those going through difficult times such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, infertility or military deployment.
    A trained Stephen Minister is able to come alongside a hurting person to provide spiritual and emotional support in the midst of life’s storms.  By listening, caring, offering encouragement and prayer, Stephen Ministers are instruments of God’s redeeming love in places of hurt and pain.  
    The following testimonies are from people who have received care from a Stephen Minister.
    From the wife of a terminally ill man-
    “Although my needs changed as I went from wife to caregiver to widow, my Stephen Minister’s love and support remained a constant. She was there at every stage of my journey, helping me through some of the most difficult moments of my life—so I could begin to heal.”
    From a man going through divorce- 
    “My Stephen Minister was a consistent presence walking with me throughout my divorce. He would always show up, and most importantly, he refused to give up on me. I’ll forever be grateful for the way he changed my life.”
    From a grieving daughter-
    “After the death of my mom, I needed someone who would listen—even to the same stories over and over—and who wouldn’t be afraid to say her name or bring up her memory. That’s who my Stephen Minister was, and I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without her.”
    From someone facing a terminal illness-
    “When someone you love is terminally ill, people often pull back because they’re scared and don’t know what to say. But my Stephen Minister stood with me through it all—listening, talking, and helping me on the journey. It was so reassuring to know he was by my side.”
    From someone who lost a job-
    “My Stephen Minister listens—really listens.
    He doesn’t judge me or tell me what to do
    but walks side by side with me. I never realized how helpful and healing that can be. With his care and support, I’m making it through.”
    From someone going through infertility-
    “My Stephen Minister’s weekly visits became an anchor in my life—something I could rely on when everything else was so uncertain. She was a steady reminder of God’s presence, helping me know I was never alone.”
    Today we welcome our newest class of trained Stephen Ministers.  If you would like to receive a Stephen Minister or  learn more about Stephen Ministry, please contact Pastor Holly.

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