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Helping Migrants in San Antonio and Eagle Pass

In the local and national news we have heard a lot about the crisis at the border.  Did you know that the United Methodist Church in South Texas is actively helping from a Christian perspective?  So, how can you help them help?

San Antonio is a major hub for migrant families seeking asylum in the United States. After entering the country through one of the ports of entry in South Texas (usually Eagle Pass, Laredo or Brownsville), the families make their way to San Antonio via bus to arrange further transportation. 

Mission: Border Hope is a non-profit agency in Eagle Pass, partnering with First Methodist Church, whose mission is to empower diverse border men, women, and children in their community and cultural context. M:BH serves extra low/low/median income families with housing assistance: grants loans, and financial literacy, literacy programs for at-risk youth; and community health and wellness program through Wesley nursing and medical mission.

On June 26, Mission: Border Hope opened a resource center for asylum seeking families passing through the Eagle Pass port of entry. They coordinate with Border Patrol and local churches to help the families receive a meal, clothes and travel information. You can donate funds here and help them with needed resources at this Amazon Wish List.

Travis Park Church, as part of the San Antonio Interfaith Welcoming Coalition, is actively supporting the migrant crisis in San Antonio. People can volunteer to serve the migrant population here. No special language skills are required to volunteer, but Spanish, French, Swahili, and Arabic language skills are needed. You can give through our church a, select “Give Online” and put “Mission Designated-Migrant” in the Other Giving note line.

Here is a local Fox News SA story on the subject.

We are looking for volunteers for our Locke Hill Reading program which will start this Fall. Volunteers will be working with students in grades K-2 to help them build their reading and comprehension skills. Volunteers should have a background in education, either in teaching or volunteering with literacy reading programs. Volunteers will need to have identification when serving as well as background check prior to serving. The time commitment is one hour every week, starting this fall through the end of May 2020.

Questions, please contact Pauline at or call 210-696-1033.

There you are… at a stoplight and there is a old man or a young adult female with a sign asking for money? So you ask yourself, should I hand them a dollar, a drink or a restaurant gift card. Will it help, or will it hurt? What are the facts?

Did you know that most panhandlers in San Antonio, especially at busy intersections, are not homeless? Most are organized professionals. They are dropped off at their corner by a driver, usually panhandle in groups, and usually “defend” their location by keeping away homeless people trying to panhandle. The local government (Bexar County & COSA) is actively working with nonprofits in the city, through the Change the Way We Give campaign, to help homelessness while deterring panhandling. There is an effort to let residents know about panhandling and homelessness, and encourage them to give to local charities in San Antonio that serve these people. Instead of giving at the corner, we recommend you give to organizations like Christian Assistance Ministries, San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries and Haven for Hope. If you feel that you must give at the corner, don’t give cash, give a drink or a gift card to a restaurant that does not serve alcohol like Whataburger, McDonald’s or Sonic. Places like Taco Cabana, Taco Bell and BBQ joints usually serve alcohol. If you want to learn or do more, please contact the Outreach Ministry.

Howdy! My name is Nick Moseley and I am the other intern for our church’s outreach ministry. It gives me great joy to be a part of this church’s team for the summer and be with the people I love and cherish dearly. To me, University is one big family. And this family of mine has been part of my journey through children’s ministry, student ministry, college, and now seminary. Currently, I am a full time student at Asbury Theological Seminary and am on the road to completing my Master of Divinity there. 

This summer I will be serving with and helping out in multiple outreach programs and events. These events range from participating on the student ministry summer mission trips, multiple outreach service days, and various other responsibilities. As one outpost of the Kingdom of God, University has chosen to join Christ in his ministry and be his hands and feet in our local and extending community. It is because of this that I am excited to also join Christ in his ongoing ministry here as we serve our neighbors.

While service and outreach certainly go beyond the buildings of this church it also works inside them. So, if you are in need of any service, please feel free to connect with me by email or face to face. As always, I am eager to see and hear about how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are moving in your lives. Please feel free to share these glory sightings with me as you see them.

In Christ’s Love, Grace and Peace,



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