Resemble Groups

Resemble Groups are small groups of the same gender, similarly-aged students who together strive to resemble Jesus. They meet from 5-7pm each Sunday to study scripture and encourage one another to be like Jesus in their everyday lives through “check-in”. Scripture and check-in are the core of what our Resemble groups are, but these groups also spend time serving in the name of Christ, hanging out together, and just living life together. Below are the groups happening during the 2023-2024 school year.

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All Resemble Groups meet every Sunday from 5-7pm on North Campus.

6th-grade girls: Room N225.  Led by Jenelle Berger, Jessica Le Maistre and Gracie Griffith.

6th-grade boys: Room N221.  Led by Justin Cox, Matt Countryman and Jacob Hamrick.

7th-grade girls: Room N206/207.  Led by Holly Trammell, Rebecca Schultz, and Shelley Stotler.

7th-grade boys: Room N217/219.  Led by Allen Millsap,James Palerscio and Randy Baldwin.

8th-grade girls: Room N227. Led by Katie Rogenthien, Kathy Brake and Lauren Hill.

8th-grade boys: Room N212/214.  Led by Wes Taylor, Will Lowry and Nick Moseley.

9th-grade girls: Room N229. Led by Katie Cox, Erica Sloan and Emily Werlein.  

9th-grade boys: Room N109.  Led by Albert Aguilar, Will Leonard and Chris Rollins. 

10th-grade girls: Room N228.  Led by Kerri Rivera, Ashley Gee, and Sydney Seekamp. 

10th-grade boys: Room N216.  Led by Michael Guirl, Foster Sinclair, James Bernsen.

11th-grade girls: Room N110.  Sharla Bell, Addyson Brooks, and Bevie Davis. 

11th/12th-grade boys: Room N225.  Led by Timothy Prater and Jeremy Brooks.

12th-grade girls: Room N226. Led by Allison Ransom, Jennifer Guirl and Emily Wong.

11th/12th-grade boys: Room N225.  Led by Timothy Prater and Jeremy Brooks.


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