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"Dwelling” – I just love that word. It gives me a feeling of comfort and safety. “Dwelling” – maybe it means looking around your space with fresh eyes. Looking to be blessed by all that you see and all that you already have. For me, I think we have had a lot of “dwelling” in the past few months, but lately, I have been reminded of how much I truly have within my small space. A small space compared to our world view.

When the Music Ministry began working on “Big Christmas Music Sunday,” it was a challenge! How do you have “Big Christmas Music,” without our amazing choir and orchestra? How can we create the “Big Christmas Music Sunday” and yet stay within our current CDC guidelines?

We started to try and figure out how to make music with as few people as possible and maintain a safe environment. With prayer and patience, God started to reveal the music and people that could help to create something different but something very special.

Our faithful, University Chamber Singers, was the first thought to form the core. Then why not draw from our own and ask Catherine Martin and her husband Norman Garrett to join with us. Usually, they are never able to sing together at Christmas, much less to sing here with their “Mother Dearest. 

What instruments can you add that can wear a mask...strings and percussion!! And of course, there is no finer organist, composer, and friend than our Andy. So, if all were willing, it would be perfect.

Now to draw upon others that could make a virtual experience almost as powerful as attending in-person. That would require the gifts of artists, engineers, and technicians. Our communications team, lead by Alyssa, have worked to create the virtual video of our choir and edit last year’s concluding hymn of “Joy to the World” to share this year. Magen, Dawson, and Jim (audio team) have spent hours with over 40 choir members that have participated in building a “virtual choir performance.” Dave Talboys and my special neighbor, Isabell Thomas, have built the graphics and slides to present powerful images.

All of these gifted people are within our own “University Family.” For me, one of the greatest gifts I will receive in 2020 will be concluding the year in celebration of our Saviors birth through the gifts, talents, and artistry of all these people that "DWELL" with us. I am so very blessed and thankful.

Join us on December 20th at 9:30am, 11am or 4:00pm for Christmas Music Sunday and again for our Christmas Eve services on Tuesday, December 22, at 6pm and Thursday, December 24, at 4, 6 and 8pm.


Mary McKay


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