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Fear of Missing Out

Posted by Laurinda Kwiatkowski on

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10 

Church Family, 

There’s an acronym out there that has become pretty popular that describes some people I may know, FOMO.  It stands for "Fear Of Missing Out." It describes a person who finds it troubling to miss out on anything.  People with FOMO wonder when they are at home what they might be missing out on at work and when at work, they wonder what they might be missing out on at home. Speaking from personal experience, the greatest nightmare of a person with FOMO is to have invitations to two events that are taking place at the same time. No matter what the choice, the event will not be fully enjoyed because far too much time will be spent wondering what they might be missing that is taking place at the event they did not choose to attend. It is quite the conundrum. I’m not suggesting that this is 100% healthy, but simply that it is real! 

There are those times, I do believe, that God places opportunities before us that we are meant to be passionate enough about that it would be troubling to not respond. To see and know that God has given us the gifts and the means to do something that makes a difference in the world and in the lives of other people should mean that there is a feeling of unsettledness when we chose to ignore the gifts, the means, the passion, the need. 

Last week, I saw the healthier side of FOMO. People who knew that there were people without warmth, water, and food and who knew they wouldn’t feel right about not responding. Even though it was something that hadn’t really been done before, no soft launch of a Warming Center, no opportunity to make sure we got everything done perfectly, people just went for it! The Church can’t open its doors without people on the other side of those doors to welcome and to work and that is what happened. As long as we had warmth, water, and food, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share with those who did not. When the Warming Center was no longer needed and folks returned home, the church became a water distribution center for those without water. Monday, we addressed the question of what are the things that are now needed - post a Texas blizzard.  

When approached in a healthy manner and in a way that seeks to be the representation of Christ on earth, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity for good can become something that looks a lot like heaven on earth. 

I am grateful to God for the people who felt that stirring in their hearts and spirit and did what they could do. I am grateful for those people who are, right now, praying about and looking for ways that they can continue to take every opportunity God gives them to be examples of the goodness and grace of Jesus. Not out of fear of missing out, but rather out of desire to be a part of something kingdom-minded!

Much love, 
Pastor Laurinda 


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