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Church Family,  

I was recently invited to be a part of a series of meetings with some other lay leaders and clergy from surrounding churches. Before engaging in our agenda items, we took some time to introduce ourselves and get to know each other. Our facilitator assigned each of us to write a poem explaining where we are from. Not just where we were born and in what time in history, but to also provide details of our experiences from childhood and beyond that give some insight as to who we are today.  

 In my poem, I gave some generic descriptions of childhood antics. This, of course, included memories of riding my bike through the neighborhood with the relative freedom common to any child raised in the 80/90’s. But, as I continued, it was the pivotal moments sponsored by my childhood church and spiritual upbringing that stood out. Those milestones mattered and contributed greatly to my sense of belonging among my local church family and the greater body of Christ, and they deeply impacted who I am today.  

 One such milestone we celebrate in the Methodist Tradition is just around the corner for University. 3rd Grade Bible Sunday is coming up on October 17th. We will join in Combined Worship in the Sanctuary at 11am to celebrate together the gift of a Bible to each 3rd grader. Each Bible includes an inscription: 

“This Bible is a gift to you from your church family. Look for Jesus throughout it as you read its stories of promise. Let these life-giving words be a reminder that you are loved by God, you belong in His family, and you are called to do His good work.” 

Just as we did at their baptisms and will do again at their confirmation, we mark these milestones and pray that they will piece together a solid foundation of their growing faith and relationship with Christ. I invite you to support 3rd Grade Bible Sunday with your attendance, your prayers, your financial gift, and/or a written blessing to the 3rd grader(s) you love.   

Grace and Peace,
Amy Tullos
Director of Kids Ministry


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