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Posted by Jessica Caccamese on

Greetings, Everyone…and Viva Fiesta…Ministry Fiesta, that is!

I want to take just a moment to invite everyone in our church community to make a priority of visiting our Ministry Fiesta on Sunday, April 28th. I know some of you may already be serving exactly where God has called you, and you find joy in giving your time and talents each time you serve. Perhaps you would be great at helping that ministry at their table that morning. Some of you may be serving in an area that is not quite the right fit for you, and you are looking to zero in on the area to serve where you know God has gifted you just perfectly. Still others of you may not have taken the time to discover where God is calling you to serve; now would be the perfect time to pray about that and find out information about what areas are available in which you can use your God–given gifts.

Here is some important information you need to know about the day:

• Each family is encouraged to stop at one of the Ministry Fiesta Information Tables located on both the north and south campuses between the hours of 8:30 and 12:00 to pick up their serving prayer and clip.

• Travel around the ministry fair to the areas you believe God has called you to investigate. Speak with our volunteers and staff at the tables about the various opportunities, and when you find the ones that seem to fit your gifts, talents, and passions, take a tag that corresponds to the serving tag and add it to your clip. The volunteers will, in turn, take down your name and a way to contact you at a later date to find out if you have any more questions about those areas of interest.

• At the end of the morning, you will have a clip of opportunities, along with the basic information about each opportunity. Take those cards home and pray over them, inviting God to bless you in the areas He has called you to serve.

• If you have not done so at the table, take time to make contact with the ministry leader for those opportunities by phone, email, or by signing up on the website ( under the “serve” option listed on the bottom portion of the home page.

We, as the staff of University, are not hoping that all the vacancies in our ministry areas are filled by hosting this event. We are praying that you discover the incredible joy that God has to offer through serving each other, our community, and the world, through the gifts that each and every one of us has received from God.
May you be truly and richly blessed by this opportunity.

Jessica Caccamese
Servant Development Coordinator


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