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Church Family,

We’ve reached that month of every year when many people practice the discipline of acknowledging the things that they are grateful for. This year, in Kids Ministry, we could not be more grateful for the return of Sunday morning and Wednesday Night Programming for all ages of kids.  While we are thrilled to have kids back in the building with all of the joy and laughter and energy they bring, it means we are also all the more grateful for the adults who have returned to help us care for, love on, and teach the children. 

As a member of our church body, you are likely familiar with our Kids Sunday School program, whether you have kids that age or not. You may, however, be less familiar with our 1st Worship and Wednesday Night Kids programs.

During 1st Worship, which takes place Sunday mornings at 11, we teach our 2-year-olds - kindergarteners about the act of worship. While they are not yet ready to attend a worship service with their families, they can still learn the different parts of worship and why it’s important. For example, we practice the role of an acolyte (using flameless candles!), discuss what a sermon is and practice how to listen during that part of the service, and read scripture followed by repeating, “The Word of God for the people of God. Thanks be to God.” Our aim is to prepare children to one day soon attend worship alongside their parents.

Our Wednesday Night programs are back in action as well! After the long, unexpected break, we have picked back up with Wednesday Night Kids for 3rd-5th graders and Wednesday Night Kids Jr. for Kinder - 2nd graders. This year we have even added a Wednesday Night Kids Preschool edition for our 3 and 4-year-olds! All the kids learn the same Bible story, using The Gospel Project curriculum, but, of course, the lessons are adjusted to suit the developmental needs of each age group. Our Wednesday Night programs also aim to help kids create community with their church friends.

Like every year, but with different challenges this year, we need a few more hands.  Both our 1st Worship and Wednesday Night Kids programs have strong leaders in place. In fact, our 1st Worship and WNK Preschool programs have exciting new leadership this year! However, we are still in need of additional hands to support these programs. We need volunteers to help us love on the children, interact with them, keep them safe, and support the leaders during teaching times. The commitment can be just once a month or once a week. If you have ever considered helping out in Kids Ministry, we would love to welcome you! Feel free to contact one of us at or . And if you’d just like to see what the youngest members of our church are up to on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights, come by and check it out. Their joy, laughter, and energy will surely bring a smile to your face and add another thing to be grateful for this season.

Amy Tullos  & Mary Ross
Director & Assistant Director of Kids Ministry 


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