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The Season of Preparation

Posted by Mary McKay on

The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light!
Isaiah 9:2 and Matthew 4:16

Well, in many ways the Traditional Music and Worship Ministry has been in Advent for almost three years. We have been preparing and waiting to be able to serve and minister to our church and community through the gifts that God has so graciously given to us. This past Sunday we were blessed to finally be able to share.

This was truly a celebration of how generous and faithful our God is. With over 110 musicians, numerous staff, and amazing (behind the scenes) volunteers, we were able to present a program “The Original Songs of Christmas” to our church and community that showed how God uses the most humble and unexpected people to do his work and share His stories. Just as the characters we see in our Nativity sets, we too are chosen to serve in ministry. None of us are worthy or glorified. In fact, sometimes we are a bit terrified. Remember, God can and will do all things to strengthen you.

This season of being separated, isolated, and frightened, has been long and challenging. God uses these seasons to get our attention and to realize that we do not have all the answers and often don’t even know where we are going. That is when our faith is strengthened as we choose to move forward knowing that God is with us every step of the way.

We need to just look to the bible and remember that after years, decades, centuries of oppression and hardship – wondering if God had forgotten His people forever God Then at that sent His son into the world to save us all. And guess what, He used people that are just like you and me.

What is God asking for you to do to serve in the coming year? How can you be challenged to step forward and become a participant and not an observer? You and I are all called to continue to build His Kingdom on earth. What an exciting challenge as we look to a New Year of limitless possibilities.

Mary McKay
Executive Director of Traditional Worship and Music


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