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This is a Good One

Posted by Rev. Ben Trammell on


My wife, Holly, and I watched an episode of an old show the other night, and as it was starting, she said, “Oh, this is a good one.” She had seen it before. In fact, I think she knew the actors' lines before they said them she was so familiar with the show. Yet, even though she had seen it multiple times and knew some, if not all, of the lines, she watched it again and she laughed.

There is much in this world that wears out, grows tiresome and old with repeated encounters. Those shows, songs, people and experiences that stand the test of time are rare and special.

Christmas is a season with well-used songs, similar decorations and familiar stories from often-cited scriptures. Yet when I see my kids hanging the same ornaments on the same tree from last year, or when I see the greenery hung in the sanctuary and hear the Hallelujah chorus bounce off the stone, I think, “Oh this is a good one.” I want to watch again and again because it never gets old and it never wears out.

Join us as we tell the story, sing the songs and celebrate the joy of God showing up in our world in Jesus. Please see the schedule of Advent events below. 




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