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Keep on Walking

Posted by Holly Wilson on

Friends, Walking is my spiritual discipline. It helps me turn my brain off. It clears my mind so that I can hear God speak to me. And God does - through nature, through my music, through my breath. When I turn the corner into the park about a mile from my house and I hear the crunch of the...

Stories From The Wilderness

Posted by Holly Wilson on

Friends,  What stories will we tell the generations to come about the wilderness of COVID-19? No doubt many of our stories will be heartbreaking. But, there will also be stories about families having dance parties in the kitchen, building tent forts in the living room and dancing at...

Hard But Needed Conversations

Posted by Holly Wilson on

Church,  What role does your faith play in aging? Does your faith in Christ impact how you approach death and dying?  I’ve been thinking a good bit about that lately. Maybe that is because Blaine and I are walking alongside our own aging parents right now. Maybe that is because...

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